About Us

The oh! Gifting Company Ltd

Hi Everyone!

Established in 2023, oh! is a small, local business based in the valley of Rossendale, Lancashire. Our aim is to make gifting simple and easy. We supply our customers with high quality, luxury gift box sets that are filled with gorgeous, hard to find , ethically-sourced, sustainably-packaged little treats. We want everyone who opens one of our gift boxes to experience the essence of an oh! feeling - whether it be surprise, gratitude, happiness or delight, oh! will try and make its customers feel it.

Beautiful Gift Boxes......Selected with Purpose.......Delivered with Love

I'm Oliver and I wanted to give you some background around how and why I launched oh!  and where our name and concept came from.

oh! came about after me and my small family were in our home when unfortunately a fire started in our tumble dryer during the night. Luckily we were all fine, but this left us without our home and without many of the things we had accumulated over the years. The furniture, the beds, clothes, toys and gifts our friends and family had brought us over the years. We left our house with our car full of what we could fit and then spent the next 7 weeks moving around 10 times until we ended up at our long term rental.

Once our amazing friends and family had heard about what had happened, they started to send us gift and care packages to try and replace the things we lost or provide what was needed ... and in some cases a roof over our heads too!

As my partner says, every time I opened one of these packages, I started the phrase with an oh! "oh!WOW", "oh!MG", "oh! how amazing", "oooooooooh!". Everything I opened created a positive feeling and reaction. That reaction began, always, with oh!

I told my friend Barbara (now business partner), about oh! and how I thought curating gift box sets and selling them to others, could create that oh! feeling for them too. And now, a few months on... here we are!

I dedicate this business, not only to our 2 beautiful boys but to anyone who has helped us get through what has been a pretty strange, weird, rollercoaster of a year. Thank you and we love you.

As I was told by an amazing, very wise friend of mine.... from an awful situation, comes a gift.... that gift seems to be oh!

The gifts oh! sells are an accumulation of things I love, things I think you'll love and books that I have found helpful over the past few months. We at oh! also believe in the sustainability of our planet. Our packaging is made from recycled materials which can themselves often be recycled. Our products are sustainably sourced, use recyclable packaging, and have many other eco friendly features too.

Big Love, The oh! Team